Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Genea-Santa

This post is written for Part 2 of the 86th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy.

Dear Genea-Santa,

I'm going to cut right to the chase because if you are as far behind on your Christmas preparations as I am you don't have time for a flowery beginning.

I have made every effort to be a good genea-girl this year. Just in the last 10 months alone, I discovered all these wonderful genealogy blogs and even got the courage to start one of my very own. I discovered that my old software wasn't cutting it and that using online trees (while good for sharing with unknown cousins) wasn't great either so I ventured into RootsMagic 4. I combined my four online trees (one for each of my grandparents) into one tree on RM4 and have slowly and methodically been updating and correcting all my sources. While not done yet, I have made great strides in having accurate and complete sources. I have contributed in three previous Carnival of Genealogy events and have had fun writing the stories for each. The stories likely would not have been documented otherwise. I have also been writing about my own childhood Christmas memories by contributing to the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories. Again it's something I probably never would have done without the organization of Thomas and Jasia.

So if you believe I have been a good genea-girl this year, I would greatly appreciate any of the following:

1. Proof that my Walter Harmon b. 1798 in Berkshire Co, Massachusetts is really the son of Isaac Harmon b. 1774 and Mary "Polly" Rawson. I really think that he is but could use a little nudge in the direction of hard proof besides a birth notation in Tyringham, Berkshire Co, Massachusetts of a Walter born to these parents. Is this the same guy as my Walter? I know Walter and his family traveled to Whiteside Co, Illinois and homesteaded adjacent to a Hiram Harmon. I know that Hiram Harmon was an associate of Guy Ray who married a Harmon girl and then another Harmon after the first one died. Can you help me prove that these four Harmons are siblings as I suspect?

2. Proof that Azubah Hyde (who married Walter in #1 above) is the daughter of John Hyde 2nd and Azubah Wheeler. I know that she was born about 1799 in Berkshire County and that the New Marlborough city clerk didn't record her birth so I'm hoping you can help me with some other proof. I mean why else would you name a child Azubah if Azubah Wheeler Hyde wasn't your mother, much like Azubah Wheeler Hyde was likely named after her own mother Azubah, wife of Zenas Wheeler? This one tiny little piece of information could lead to a possible Mayflower connection.

3. Parents of Thomas L. Arthur b. 6 Feb 1825 in New London, Connecticut. I have multiple documents that state either a location or a date, but no parents, and no luck searching in the Barbour Collection at Ancestry.com. I read a "vanity book" entry that said he'd been on his own since the age of 12. I know that by 1850 he was in Trumbull Co, Ohio and then moved onto Northfield, Rice Co, Minnesota where he lived the remainder of his days.

4. I'd greatly appreciate a copy of my grandpa Lee's military records. I've attempted before to find them, but according to NPRC, they can't find him based upon the information I provided. I'm a little frustrated and discouraged.

5. And if none of these are to your liking, I would just welcome the gift of a few hours now and then and a few extra dollars so that I can work on these problems myself.

So dearest Genea-Santa, my best wishes to you and a heartfelt thanks for any hints you can give about my above requests. My family, especially my two little girls, wish you safe travels this Christmas Eve. We will be watching your progress on the NORAD site and there will be cookies and milk waiting for you when you arrive.

With much love,


  1. If Genea-Santa answers your requests, next year will you please ask him to confirm the parents of Dorothy Wentz are Charles Wentz and Mary Hunt and have them miraculously appear in ANY census for me? :)


  2. Check the New Marlborough Cemetery records. It's a secondary source but I know there is information on several Azubah Wheelers and one of the Wheeler women married a Hyde. Sorry for imprecise information. I believe Captain Zenas Wheeler Sr married Azubah. It may give you some leads.

    1. Joan, I have been working through the New Marlborough vital records and still haven't found my connection. I think it was a Lois Wheeler who married a John Hyde. This John is the elder of the two Johns that lived in the area. The younger John went by John 2nd while the elder was alive. I believe the John 2nd is perhaps the father of my Azubah Hyde Harmon, but alas still can't prove it. I'll keep trying. Thanks for the help.