Monday, December 14, 2009

Advent Calendar Dec 14th - Fruitcake

Food soaked in booze....

Let me just say that it's the booze part that likely would have been the reason that I don't recall fruitcake every being around my home as a child. While my grandpa might have enjoyed that, grandma wouldn't have! I can recall one time years ago tasting fruitcake. I'm not a big fan of candied fruits anyway so it has never held any real appeal. I'd be willing to try a bite again if I knew it was going to be the good kind that other bloggers have raved about.

One other holiday food that for me ranks right up there with fruitcake is mincemeat. My mom and grandma used to make a mincemeat pie every Christmas that they, as well as my grandpa, enjoyed. I remember also trying one bite of that and not caring for it. I'm not even sure what mincemeat is, but the name alone doesn't make it particularly appealing.

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