Thursday, December 10, 2009

Advent Calendar Dec 10th - Christmas Gifts

While I don't remember many specific gifts that we received as children, I do know that we usually received at least one of the things off our wish list or letter to Santa. It was always very exciting when the JCPenney catalog would arrive. Those were the days they still carried toys so my sister and I carefully examined every pink page in the toy section. We were allowed to mark things with our initial or maybe circling the item. Some pages had lots of marks!

A couple of the memorable standouts was my first bicycle with the training wheels and the blue and white banana seat. Another year my mom was able to get two of the hottest toys on the market: Cabbage Patch Kids. My mom is a great seamstress so we also got some handmade doll clothes for our new dolls.

Probably the most excitement every year was when the box from our paternal grandma came in the mail. It always seemed to be a good size box and held several wonderfully wrapped presents for each of us and always something for my mother, usually a sweater if I recall. However, one of the most distinct memories I have is not of what presents we received, but rather the way the presents smelled. My grandma has always worn Chanel No. 5 and the box and it's contents always had that lingering pleasant scent of her perfume. Still to this day when I walk past a department store's perfume counter and I smell Chanel No. 5, I always think of Grandma.

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  1. For us it was the Sears "wish book." We fought over who got to look at it first.