Friday, December 18, 2009

Advent Calendar Dec 18th - Christmas Stockings

My mom made my sister and me each our own stocking when we were very little. They were from kits that she found in some stitchery catalog. They are made of felt and each had a different Christmas scene on the front. There was a lot of work involved in sewing all the pieces on and adding the beads and sequins. My sister and I always hung our stockings on the door knobs of the television cabinet in my grandparent's living room. I still have my stocking and used it up until about two years ago.

Last year my husband and I decided to buy four plain stockings and get an initial pin to put on each one to distinguish them for each of our family members. We have a fireplace where I place five metal stocking holders on the mantel that spell out Santa. As I placed them this year, I hung them in this order: D, A, M, T. I left the middle letter of the holders free of a stocking and instead hung a large decorative jingle bell on it. I never thought anything else about it until last week when my husband was sitting on the sofa facing the fireplace. He turned me to and said, "We need to have another baby and name it Isaac or Isabella or something so that our stockings spell D A M I T."

He's such a funny guy, damn it anyway!


  1. I can see D saying that. Thank him for the chuckle for me. :)


  2. Where did you find the stocking holders that spell santa

  3. The stocking holders came from Target three or four years ago. I didn't see anything similar when I was there this year.