Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Advent Calendar Dec 15th - Holiday Happenings

Besides my sister's birthday that we celebrate each December, there are two other December events that I want to mention.

The first is the wedding anniversary of my second great-grandparents, Robert Nelson McNeill and Margaret Ledford. They were married Christmas Day 1877 in Mitchell Co, North Carolina.

The second is the marriage of my fourth great-grandfather Hector McNeill to his second wife, Martha "Patty" Gouge. They were married either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day some time during the 1860s in Mitchell Co, North Carolina.

The big January events that fall so close to Christmas include my mother's birthday, but also my grandfather Lee McNeill's birthday on 2 January 1912. That is also the date he and my grandmother married. 2010 would have been 65 years of marriage for them.

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