Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Advent Calendar Dec 8th - Christmas Cookies

I always loved the day every year when mom announced it was time to make sugar cookies. It was just painful to have to wait for her to mix the dough and then for it to chill. Finally it would be time to roll it out (and to sneak a few bites of the yummy dough) and my sister and I could select which cookie cutters we wanted to use. I remember we had a tree, an angel, two stars, and a large gingerbread man. After they baked and cooled, mom would mix up some powdered sugar frosting and drop in a few drops of food coloring. We always had red, green and yellow frosting and some years we had sprinkles. It was always a delightful time, but the very best thing was getting to eat one.

Since I missed the deadline for the Geneabloggers' Holiday 2009 cookbook, I am including a link here to my all-time favorite cookie, Jubilee Jumbles. I remember my grandmother making this cookie throughout the year even though apparently it is considered to be a Christmas cookie. The link provided states the contributor found this in the 1969 Betty Crocker cookbook, but I believe my grandma said hers came from an old Workbasket magazine. These are just wonderfully soft (almost cake-like) cookies with a browned butter glaze.

I have yet to make any cookies this year, but am considering finding recipes that represent some of my children's heritage, such as these Polish Kolacky cookies, or these delicious Norwegian almond bars that I found a year or two ago. If this idea sticks, then I'll have to find cookie recipes that are representative of England, Germany and Scotland to round it out. Any suggestions?

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