Sunday, December 6, 2009

Advent Calendar Dec 6th - Santa Claus

It was a tradition at my elementary school that all the second graders would write a short letter to Santa Claus and they were all published in the local weekly newspaper. At the time, all I could think about was what exactly I wanted to write. In hindsight, I'm sure it was a good lesson in letter writing and sentence structure.

If I recall my letter was worded something like this:

Dear Santa,
How are you? How are the reindeers? I would like a Pink and Pretty Barbie.
From Tracy

Somewhere I still have that circa 1982 newspaper clipping with my letter along with the letters of my other 60 to 70 peers.

And evidence that Santa read the Owyhee Avalanche: he did bring me the Pink and Pretty Barbie that year!


  1. Yes, Tracy, there is a Santa Claus!

    PS and where might the Owyhee Avalanche be located?

  2. Owyhee County is in the southwest corner of Idaho. I believe it is the largest county geographically but very rural.