Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Honored to be Ancestor Approved

I have been remiss in acknowledging the kindness of two fellow bloggers for awarding me with the Ancestor Approved Award originally created by Leslie Ann Ballou of Ancestors Live Here.  Back in December, Cheri Daniels of Journeys Past posted a comment to honor me with this award.  Last evening, I was pleased to received it again from Sue Edminster of Echo Hill Ancestors.  Both of these wonderful blogs were new (to me) and have been added to my Google Reader.  Please take the time to visit and add them to your feed.

Considering I haven't been a consistent blogger of late, I am deeply honored these ladies think enough of what I have done here to consider me for this award.  When I first received this award last spring, I posted my list of what surprised, humbled or enlightened me and that list is still appropriate today.  I hope you will take the time to revisit that post.

As for passing it on, I am behind (again) in my reading and have no idea who has received this or not.  At this time, I will defer passing it along but there are hundreds and hundreds of wonderful genealogy blogs written every day so please consider yourself honored.  I would be thrilled to read your list so please share.

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