Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Fannie Arnold Harmon

Fannie Arnold Harmon
7 Nov 1856 - 12 Jun 1945
She was born in Berkeswell, Warwickshire, England, the daughter of Edward Arnold and Emma Smith. She went with her family to Niagara, Ontario, Canada in about 1867. She left Canada in about 1881 or 1882 and came to Whiteside Co, Illinois where she met and married Walter Harmon in 1882.
"Little Grandma" is the nickname my grandfather, Fred Harmon, had for his paternal grandmother. She came in at a whopping 4' 10" or 11".

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  1. Engladn, Canada and then the USA, quite a traveller she was back then. She did live long for that era.