Monday, January 11, 2010

January Dates in my Family History

For 2010, I plan to post a monthly listing of all the important family history dates from my database.

For January:

1st - death of Henry H. Grindstaff, my 3rd great-grandfather, in 1892 in Mitchell Co, North Carolina. He is buried at Mine Creek Cemetery in Mitchell Co.

2nd - birthday of my late grandfather, Lee McNeill, born in 1912 in Mitchell Co, North Carolina

3rd - birthday of my 3rd great-grandmother, Emma Smith, born in 1831 in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, England

6th - birthday of my 3rd-great-grandfather, Edward Arnold, born in 1828 in Stoke Golding, Buckinghamshire, England and husband of Emma Smith above

9th - birthday of Edward Joseph Harmon, my great-grandfather, in 1883 in Round Grove, Hopkins Township, Whiteside Co, Illinois

11th - birthday of Mary Jane Woody, my 2nd great-grandmother, in 1853 in formerly Yancey Co, North Carolina (now Mitchell Co.)

13th - 249th anniversary of Henry Woody and Susannah Martin in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland Co, Virginia. They are my 6th great-grandparents.

17th - birthday of Thomas Howell, my 4th great-grandfather, in 1805 in Tennessee

17th - birthday of Marginia M. Thomas, my 3rd great-grandmother in 1831 in Burke (now Mitchell Co.) North Carolina

21st - birthday of Helmer Nickolie Hiby, my great-grandfather, in 1895 in Clark Co, South Dakota

21st - death of Isaac Grindstaff, my 4th great-grandfather, in 1866 in Mitchell Co, North Carolina. He is buried at Bakersville Memorial Cemetery in Mitchell Co.

22nd - death of Thomas Howell, my 4th great-grandfather, in 1891 in Mitchell Co, North Carolina. He had just passed his 86th birthday on the 17th of January at the time of his death. He is buried in Gouge Cemetery, Bandana, Mitchell Co, North Carolina.

23rd - death of Noah Ledford, my 3rd great-grandfather, in 1895 in Mitchell Co, North Carolina.

26th - death of Mary Jane Woody in 1946 in Mitchell Co, North Carolina. She is buried at Mine Creek Cemetery, Mitchell Co, North Carolina. She had just celebrated her 93rd birthday on the 11th of January, as noted above.

27th - birthday of Jonathan Cox, my 4th great-grandfather, in 1795 in Holly Spring, Orange Co, North Carolina. This branch of the Cox line are Quakers.

29th - anniversary of Thomas Arthur, my 3rd great-grandfather, and his second wife, Zelia A. Brown in 1870. Presumably they were married in Rice Co, Minnesota.

30th - anniversary of Michael Greathouse, my 4th great-grandfather, and Peggy Snawder in 1825. I believe they married in Gibson, Indiana. Peggy was his second wife. I descend through his first wife, Debbie Snawder, sister of Peggy.

31st - death of Edward Joseph Harmon in Watertown, Codington Co, South Dakota in 1960. He celebrated his 77th birthday, as noted above, shortly before his death. He had suffered a stroke many years before his death and eventually was in a nursing home because his care became too great for my great-grandma, Kate Arthur Harmon.


  1. Tracy, This is an interesting way to track important dates. I never thought of doing that, but for me it would be a way to revisit important hallmarks. Thanks

  2. Thanks, Joan. I thought this was a good way to acknowledge my direct-line ancestors (though I do sometimes list a second spouse for anniversaries). My hope is that if another researcher does a search for one of these names, these blog posts will come up and they will contact me.

    The other interesting thing it has pointed out to me is 1) how many people had birthdays in the same month they died, or 2) how many people shared dates with other ancestors or my current living relatives (which I am not including online).