Monday, August 17, 2009

Kudos to DNA

The power of the internet never ceases to amaze me.

You may recall I wrote a post a few days ago regarding a frustration I had with's DNA upgrades. I questioned whether the customer service folks were in line with the DNA folks because when I called to upgrade to a 46 marker test I was told my father would have to retake the test. That is not what the DNA blog stated as possible. So I expressed my frustration in the blog post, found how to upgrade my dad's test on their website and went on my merry way.

Less than two days later, I received an email from Kathie with DNA noting that she had read my post and apologized for my inconvenience. I apparently called at a time when it was between training and to let me know that yes I could upgrade without having to start from scratch. She stated they appreciated feedback on their website and services and that corrective action (I'm assuming further training) would be taken. For my trouble, they offered to upgrade my test at no cost.

My first reaction to this was complete shock. Who knew that my little ol' blog was being read by While I realize they probably have some sort of alert system that notifies them of web posts regarding their website, I was still stunned to think that someone actually took the time to read the post, comment on it, and also send me a personal email. I think this is a fantastic indication that is dedicated to maintaining excellent customer service and taking action when improvements need to be made.

My sincere thanks to Kathie and other DNA staff. I wish every company had folks like you.

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