Monday, August 10, 2009

Is the right hand talking to the left?

When I returned from our vacation, I returned to over 100 emails (in my genealogy account only, that doesn't include the other one I have) and 498 blog posts to sort through. It's taken a week but I've gotten through them. I'll be honest - some of the messages I just deleted and some of the blog posts I skimmed the beginning and that was it.

But there was one in particular that nearly set my blood to boil. I admit I have a short fuse and what ticked me off about this issue was because I seriously had just attempted to do this exact thing one week before we left town.

You may recall my earlier post discussing my father's YDNA test with Because of their discounted price, I opted for a 33-marker test. We ordered in February and received the results in March. In late May, I emailed their customer service to see if there was a way I could upgrade to the 46-marker without having to pay for a whole new test and have him take a whole new swab. Basically, I wondered if they still had his sample and if I could pay the difference to upgrade. I received an email telling me yes I could this and to call their 1-800 number to place this order. So finances being what they were, I put off calling until July. I call and get a very perky girl (aren't they always perky when you're frustrated). I stated what I wanted and referred to the email I had received and named the person by name that had responded to me. Perky Girl tells me she's sorry but I will have to reorder the 46-marker test at the price of $149 and that I can't simply just "upgrade" as I was told in my email. Needless to say, I was a very unhappy camper and Perky Girl bore some of that wrath. So what do I find in my 498 blog posts but this: Introducing the DNA UPGRADE feature.

I have been a longtime subscriber to and will continue to be one. There are lots of folks unhappy with them and vocally make their feelings known. Many times I've wished their website did something it doesn't, but usually those are minor inconveniences I can live with. And this too is a minor ripple in my overall genealogy research. However, it really makes me wonder if their right hand is really talking to the left?

UPDATE: Please see my post Kudos to DNA which discusses the follow up by their website to my situation.

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  1. Tracy, I work with the DNA group and it sounds like you got caught in the middle of a release and somehow not all of our staff were on the same page. Our apologies for this miscommunication. But, YES, upgrades are available and online for simply the difference of the two tests -- $70!

    And it looks like you have already ordered an upgrade for one of your participants. That’s great. I hope that the findings with the additional markers help you expand your research efforts as it is apparent you have put a lot of effort into researching these lines over the last decade.