Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Dates in my Family History

This month is light on birthdays and is dominated by deaths it seems.

3rd - this would have been the 63rd anniversary of my maternal grandparents. They only made it to 47 though.

3rd - death of Betty Presnell or Pressley, my 4th great-grandmother, in then Yancey Co, North Carolina. She was the wife of Hector McNeill. She died the day after giving birth to a daughter, Elizabeth.

4th - death of Rev. Isaac Grindstaff, my 2nd great-grandfather, in 1936 in Bakersville, Mitchell Co, North Carolina.

9th - death of Sarah Ann Sparks Silver McNeill, the second wife of my ancestor Archibald H. McNeill, likely in Mitchell Co, North Carolina

21st - anniversary of my 3rd great grandfather, Archibald H. McNeill, and his second wife, Sarah Ann Sparks Silver in 1864 in Mitchell Co, North Carolina

25th - birthday of Bedie Buchanan, my 3rd great-grandmother, in 1829 likely in Burke Co, North Carolina. She married Henry Grindstaff.

25th - death of my grandfather, Fred Harmon. He served a pivotal role in my life as the father figure I needed but didn't have. This was a devastating day for our family following a six-month battle against brain cancer.

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  1. I enjoy your blog so much that I have awarded you the Ancestor Approved Award. Stop on by and collect it. It will be posted soon, as soon as I finish the post! LOL